The Business of Non-Profit

Tykeysha “Ty” Boone, serves her community as a published author, speaker, coach and nonprofit success strategist. With nearly 20 years experience in academic and clinical research, community program planning, and nonprofit management and development, Ty has a reputation for helping people secure and sustain nonprofit status without the traditional headache or hassle, while equipping them with the tools necessary to increase their capacity for nonprofit success. Ty is a Certified Nonprofit Consultant, and holds formal degrees and training in psychology, public health, and community health education. 

Ty is owner and chief consultant/Nonprofit Success Strategist at Ty Boone Enterprises. She is published in several peer reviewed journals, is a Huffington Post Contributor, and is  author of Show Me the Money:  Quick Reference Guide to Funding your Nonprofit.

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LaConya Murray, is better known as the Brand Attorney. She is the owner of the intellectual property boutique, Off the Mark Ip Solutions where she has spent the majority of her legal career assisting clients throughout the United States protect their brand, content, and ideas through trademark, copyright, patent, and contract law.  In addition to being a legal baddie, she is also an entrepreneur advocate. Through her podcast the Legal Tea, virtual academy, Launch Legally and YouTube channel, LaConyaMurray TV, her mission is to help entrepreneurs transition into business owners by making sure they have the knowledge and tools they need to create successful and scalable businesses.

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