Brand Legally Webinar

LaConya Murray

Brand Attorney|Speaker|Entrepreneur Advocate

Brand Legally Webinar

TaRhonda Harvey, Owner of Kolmio Global Inc. and Creator of Bosses In Power®, TaRhonda Harvey is passionate about ensuring that business owners at every stage have access to the resources and tools needed to create the business of their dreams.

With over a decade of experience working as a brand consultant and web designer, TaRhonda understands how to strategically grow brands with the use of technology and practical business savvy.

Her work had not only helped her clients achieve tangible success within their business, but her personal brand of lending actionable motivation and inspiration provides her audience with the roadmap for creating a positive mindset that is necessary to pursue and reach goals.

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LaConya Murray, is better known as the Brand Attorney. She is the owner of the intellectual property boutique, Off the Mark Ip Solutions where she has spent the majority of her legal career assisting clients throughout the United States protect their brand, content, and ideas through trademark, copyright, patent, and contract law.  In addition to being a legal baddie, she is also an entrepreneur advocate. Through her podcast the Legal Tea, virtual academy, 30 Days ‘Til Launch, and YouTube channel, LaConyaMurray TV, her mission is to help entrepreneurs transition into business owners by making sure they have the knowledge and tools they need to create successful and scalable businesses.

For more information about trademarks check out my latest ebook How To Protect Your Brand When You’re Just Starting Out And Low On Cash

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