The Launch Legally Blueprint

Launch Legally Blueprint

An Online Course To Help You Own Your Genius

Protect your brand, content, and ideas in 30 days

Cycle 1 of the Blueprint is closed. Enrolled in free 5 day challenge to learn the basics and processes of intellectual property in  5 days.

Cycle 1 of the LLB is closed. 

In the meanwhile, take the free Own Your Genius Challenge to learn the basics and processes of intellectual property in  5 days i.e… trademarks, copyrights , patents, and trade secrets .

Previous Students

I think that everyone who has or wants to start a business should take this course so that they can know what is involved in the trademark process. It also gives credit to Attorney Murray for her knowledge of this process.

S. Hill-Ward ~ Professional Cosmetology Consulting

It’s more apparent to me how much work Trademark attorney’s need to do in order to help a client. This course opened my eyes to the process and how I need to really plan my Trademark process. I believe I am equipped because of this course to get started NOW. This course was worth every bit of the price I paid. It certainly pays to get in early on an offer.

M. Andrews Jr.

Michael Andrews Jr.

LaConya Murray is the best! One of things holding me back in my current business development has been the numerous uncertainties and questions I’ve had about copyrights and copyright infringement and how to protect the content that I am creating for my online courses. Taking this class has helped to remove barriers in my business development.

R. Blow ~ Development Counts

Ruby Blow ~ Development Counts

Launch Legally with LaConya Murray

I’m  better known as the Brand Attorney.  As  the owner of the intellectual property boutique, Off the Mark Ip Solutions I’ve spent the majority of my legal career assisting clients throughout the United States protect their brand, content, and ideas through trademark, copyright, and contract law.