Meet LaConya Murray,
Your Brand Attorney

Meet LaConya Murray, Your Brand Attorney​

Meet LaConya Murray, Your Brand Attorney

LaConya Murray is an intellectual property maven and entrepreneur advocate empowering high achieving professionals and creative masterminds to protect their brand and own their genius. 

She argued her very first “case” at the age of four, when her dad attempted to end their park date earlier than promised. In an effort to stand her ground, a young LaConya boldly replied, “Kids have rights, too!” It was in that moment that LaConya discovered her innate passion for advocacy, and at the age of 11, she decided she wanted to be an attorney. Years later, she would attend night classes at Jones School of Law while balancing two full-time jobs — marriage and motherhood — before earning her law degree in 2010. 

In 2012, LaConya started her law practice working as a threshold attorney, taking any case that “made it over the threshold” of her office door to her desk. This was not making her heart happy. In 2014 she followed her passion for helping clients start and protect their businesses and launched Off the Mark IP Solutions.  Today, she helps powerhouse entrepreneurs secure their brands through trademark, copyright and business development services.

Over the last eight years, LaConya has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs secure their brands through her legal services, business consulting, and online courses. She has also written books, done speaking engagements, and launched her podcast and YouTube channel to educate her community on how to legally safeguard their ideas, brands and businesses.

LaConya is here to help you build and protect the brand of your dreams with confidence and peace of mind.

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