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I couldn't care less about who's sleeping with whom—that is, unless there's an NDA involved.

On the Legal Tea podcast, I use pop culture and other major news to help make sense of complex legal matters that most business owners need to know, but don’t understand.

The Legal Tea
S3: EP3 Did Kobe Trademark Mamba And If So What Happens Now
S3:EP 2 U.S Lawyer Files Trademark Application For Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's Sussex Royal
S3:EP 1 Target is Sued by Small Business Owner For Trademark Infringement
S2: EP27 My Dad's Friend Went To Jail For Copyright Infringement
S2: EP 26 Kylie Jenner's Rise and Shine Trademark Application
S2:EP 25 Lizzo Accused of Plagiarism But Is It Really? Truth Hurts
S2: Ep 24 What's the Real Scoop on Megan Thee Stallion's "Hot Girl Summer" Trademark?
S2: Ep 23 The Takeaway From The TFUE v FaZe Clan Contract Dispute
S2: Ep 22 Is Faceapp out to get all of your private information?
S2: Ep 21 It's Update Time! Kim Kardashian, The Marathon Continues, and Cardi B
S2: Ep 20 #KimOhNo Kim Kardashian files for Kimono trademark
S2: EP 19 Why Blacc Sam's "The Marathon Continues" trademark application is better than Crips LLC
S2:Ep18 Kawhi Leonard Files Lawsuit Against Nike for Copyright Infringement But Does He Have A Case?
S2: EP17 LA Crips May Have Some Trouble With Their " The Marathon Continues" Trademark Application
S2: EP 16 What John Singelton's Passing Teaches Entrepreneurs About Preparing For Death
S2:E15 LL Cool J Wins Trademark Lawsuit But Not For The Reason You Think
S2:EP14 Beyoncé and The Crayon Case, A Lesson In How To Make Your Intellectual Property Work For You
S2:EP13 50 Cent's Trademarking of Teairra Mari's "I Ain't Got It" Makes Him the King of Petty
S2. EP12: Stop Bullying Entrepreneurs
Cardi B teaches us a thing or two about trademarking cute words and phrases, okurr
S2:Ep10 I Don't Own The Rights To This Music
S2:Ep9 Beyoncé and Jay-Z Teach Us About Bonafide Intent
S2:Ep8 AT&T hit with false advertising lawsuit by Sprint for 5G claims
S2:EP7 Huge Ass Beer Has A Giant Trademark Problem
S2:Ep6 Duh, Of Course The Carlton Dance Isn't Protected By Copyright
S2: Ep 5 Figi Water Girl Sues Figi For Unauthorized Use of Her Likeness
S.2: Ep4 Just because you pay for it doesn't make it yours
Season2: Episode 3 Samsung's 1.6 Million Dollar iPhone Problem
S.2: Ep.2 What we can learn about trademarks from Game of Thrones, Rihanna, and McDonald's
S2 Episode 1: Surviving R. Kelly's Defamation Lawsuit
Episode 17: Love Is Abrupt Cancellation, Admission of Guilt or Nah
Episode 16: Offset's Stage Debut, Love or Abuse?
Episode 15: Cardi B, Fornite Dance, and Nickelodeon Trademark/Copyright Update
Episode 14: LL Cool J and Prince Battle Alleged Cybersquatters
Episode 13: Black Owned Cosmetic Line Overcomes Trademark Issues With Big Brand To Make 1 Million D
Episode 12: New Edition Members Battle Over Right To Name
Episode 11: Stay Out Of My Crayon Box!
Episode 10: Gee's Bend, A Story Of Poverty, Ignorance, Fame And Copyrights
Episode 09: Seeking Forgiveness Can Cost You
Episode 08: Rihanna's Trademark Woes
Episode 07: Soulja Boy Cannot Copyright His "Superman" Dance
Episode 06: Jimmy Choo's problem with Amazon
Episode 05: Consent People Consent
Episode 04: Fitzmagic Trademark Drama. But Why You Mad Though?
Episode 03: WTF Procter and Gamble
Episode 02: Just Do It, Infringement or Satire?
Episode 01: Intro to Off The Mark w/ Attorney LaConya Murray
S3: EP3 Did Kobe Trademark Mamba And If So What Happens Now

Is Mamba free game after the passing of NBA star, Kobe Bryant? Will the league change the logo to honor the basketball legend?

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