In-Office Assessment Questionnaire

Phone Greeting

Off the Mark Ip Solutions, SiSi speaking how may we assist you?

Prospect Intake (Take control of the conversation)a. I understand that you are calling about (repeat what prospect said)

b. (Trademark, copyright, contract drafting and document review pick one depending on the caller’s needs) is in our realm of genius so we may be able to assist you. Let me ask you a few questions so we can ensure that your matter is one our office can handle.

Complete lead intake below

This is something we can assist you with (if it is indeed something we can assist them with/federal trademark, copyright, contract drafting, contract review)

 If they do not make an appointment, make a note of their reason in the note section and ask when would be a better time to follow up with them to complete the appointment. Also invite them to join our free Own Your Genius Challenge to learn more about intellectual property. (send link with follow up email)