Own Your Genius Challenge – LaConya Murray, Esq.

If you want to protect your brand but aren't clear what that means, where to start, or the process; the Own Your Genius Challenge is a great start!  The Own Your Genius Challenge is a five day, online challenged designed to teach you the process and basics of intellectual property(IP) to allow you identify your own IP and what's needed to protect it. 

Here’s just a sneak peek at what you’ll learn in the Own Your Genius Challenge:

  • Day 1: Trademarks
  • Day 2: Copyrights
  • Day3: Patents
  • Day 4: Trade Secrets
  • Day 5: Live question and answer plus what Owning Your Genius means and how it could make or break your business!

By the end of this free challenge you will know the difference between each of the intellectual property, how to use IP to improve your business, and the steps necessary to get started.

P.S. The challenge starts July 8th