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7 Reasons Why Your Brand Strategist Needs To Work With A Brand Attorney

Do you know one of the worst part of my job is? Telling someone who has just invested hundreds and thousands of dollars in branding that their new brand infringes on someone else’s and they have to start

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Stop Bullying Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Magazine is sending cease and desist letters to businesses using the word entrepreneur. That’s not how this works. It’s not how any of this works. Top 3 Takeaways  1)

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S2:EP 11 Okurr, Cardi B Teaches Us The Wrong and Right Way to Trademark a Catchphrase

Cardi B said that while she is here she’s gonna secure ALL the bags! She went on Instagram last week for the folks who were mad that she filed to trademark Okurr, her signature catchphrase. Some people

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