Remy Ma vs Nicki Minja: What’s A 360 Deal?

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Remy Ma fired shots and many people don’t believe that Nicki Minja can recover. The SHether diss track is a response to Nicki’s recently released verses here and here that came directly for her. I’ll admit, I wasn’t really interested in what either of them had to say BUT I had to see what the fuss was about and I’m glad I did. Remy took me back to a time when rappers told a story, back when lyrics had a point. With very few exceptions, today’s “artist” just don’t get it.

Listening to Remy’s track was like talking with your cool aunt who knows all the tea but only spills it when somebody has pissed her off. When I learned that Nikki has a 360 deal, I was like giphy That tea was hot and almost burned me. What’s a 360 deal? I’m glad you asked.

360 Contract

A 360 deal refers to a contract that allows record labels to receive a percentage of all of the artist money from all her/his activities rather than just record sales. Here’s what this looks like… In addition to selling records, Nicki Minja has been in three movies, she has million dollars in both endorsements (42 million) and YouTube ad revenue(28 million) according to Money Nation. HOWEVER before she sees a dime, her record label gets their cut first or as Remy Ma says:

you signed a 360 deal Through Young Money, through Cash Money, through Republic Which means your money go through five n***as before you touch it any videos, promotions come out of your budget endorsements, tour and merchandise, they finger-f**k it”

 That’s tough. Why would anyone allow their label to assert themselves in areas that have nothing to do with music? Many young artists are eagerly seeking a record deal.  They sign contracts without reading the terms in exchange for the possibility of fame and making big money.

360 deals aren’t limited to recording artist, authors with publishing deals can also be subject to these contracts. If you are an author or artist trying to build and promote your personal brand please review (preferably hire a licensed attorney to review it for you) your contract to make sure the terms are aligned not just with your current goals but future goals as well.

Own Your Content

In this situation, you definitely want to be Remy Ma. She owns her masters. As she spits

So for every sale I do, you gotta do like ten”

By masters, she is referring to the copyright interest in the work she writes, records, and performs. Copyrights ownership is vested to those who create an original work in a fix tangible form. Copyrights provide the owner the right to exclude others from:

  • Reproducing,
  • Creating derivate works,
  • Performing,
  • Displaying or
  • Distributing their work.

Learn the truth about copyrights

This means if anyone wants to use her SHEther in a commercial, movie, etc… they have to get her permission (and Nas as he is the original author of the Ether, the beat SHEther is performed over) AND  pay her fee BEFORE they can use it. This is why Facebook and YouTube yells at you when you upload content with music on it. Unless you have permission (license) you cannot use it.

Realize that your music, your poems, lyrics, books, and screenplays can be converted into multiple streams of revenue. Don’t be so excited for the deal and quick money that you sign away the opportunity to make real money.

Own Your Brand

Ownership is not reserved for copyrights. If you are the face of your brand it is imperative that you own your brand. Take Oprah for example; there are 204 registered and pending trademarks associated with her brand. Including her name, various logos, and program names. Before launching her own network, armed with ownership, when it was time for negotiations for her namesake daytime talk show, she did not limit the discussion to pay. She left the table with ownership of the program and the studio it was produced in as well as a stake in the show’s distribution.

Learn more about trademarks

 There is power in both your trademarks and copyrights.  The power to exclude. Trademarks serve as brand identifiers if someone wants to associate themselves with your brand they must seek your permission. This opens the doors to licensing deals. Licensing opportunities are an excellent source of additional revenue. You are essentially loaning your trade name or logo to a third party. What’s your favorite sports team? Do you own their jersey or team shirt? If so, I guarantee you that the team itself did not manufacture that shirt or jersey. Rather they licensed the team logo and name to a company who manufactured the shirt after paying a hefty fee (the NFL requires an annual royalty fee of $100,000 regardless of the proceeds made from by the licensee). That’s the beauty of licensing, it allows you to make money without incurring additional expense or work.

Top 3 takeaways from the Remy Ma Nicki Minja rap drama

  1. Don’t come for anyone who knows all of your business unless you want EVERYONE to know
  2. Own your sh*t
  3. Don’t be so eager for an opportunity that you fail to consider the long-term effects

If you have a contract that needs to be reviewed or want to learn more about our services contact our office.

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