Now’s Not The Time To Quit

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Now's Not The Time To Quit

This week I hosted my first virtual co-working session. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s when you and other people meet online at a designated time and place together and work on your individual projects. It provides an opportunity to see other adults and increase your productivity. In this case, it was more of a networking/co-working. I was super excited to have other people join me even though I put the notice out only 24 hrs prior. It was an excellent opportunity to hang out with my community and meet some new people. What was supposed to be a 1- hour gathering stretched to almost 2.5hrs.

I knocked out a couple of smaller projects. More importantly, I had a chance to listen and learn how this period of social distancing, is effecting some of you all. While some are concerned essential workers and have no choice but to go to work and others find that work is drying up there, is an overall sense of uncertainty. Even in this uncertainty, I’m proud to be connected with people who are not letting the change stop them. That doesn’t mean they haven’t had to take a moment or two to process what’s going on, how it’s affecting them, and finding their new normal. I know this is not everyone. There are so many messages on how small business owners should be operating at this time. To sell or not to sell is the question some have. I think that question stems from another, how do we help our clients in this time. Considering giving your products or services for free or not offering them at all isn’t about you at all. It’s out of consideration for your clients/customers. You want to be of service in this time and haven’t figured out how.

Today I’m going to give you 5 ways you can be of service to your clients and community during this time.

1. Continue to show up. Don’t ghost your clients and community. Communicate with them more now than ever, especially if the way you show up is effected by Covid-19. 

2. Instead of giving your service or product away for free, offer alternative payment options. People are still spending money on what they consider valuable. In some cases, they may be spending a little differently. You can offer payment plans. I offer layaway plans for a select few clients that allow them to pay for their service in installments. 

3. Invite them for a virtual tea or coffee. To be clear, this is not a free consultation but a genuine opportunity to get together. Don’t let a little thing like social distancing stop you from networking. Networking is about sharing, not taking. You are going to have to listen to the other person to see how you can be of service. And I don’t mean sell. It is an exchange of ideas. You never know what someone else has to offer.

4. The range of how people are dealing with this change is wide. While others are managing just fine others not so much. You never know what someone is going through, which is why it’s a great time to practice empathy. Empathy is when you understand how someone feels, even though you don’t share the same feeling. We need to have compassion for others. I think when we’re able to empathize, we’ll find creative ways to bring joy to the world. It was empathy that caused Dj D-Nice to host Homeschool Club Quarantine on Instagram. 9- hour live jam session. His message, let’s continue to uplift each other as we get through this dark time.

5. If you want to help boost productivity in your tribe, try hosting a virtual coworking session. I sent an email with the link, told people to turn their cameras on and walla. Coworking is in session. You should definitely try it with your tribe.

Bonus. You have to take care of yourself. I’m not just talking bubbles baths, wine, and candles. I’m also talking exercising, journaling, staying prayed up, and affirming yourself. I’m talking, seeking the help of a therapist if this shift is causing anxiety, depression, or just overwhelming in general. Many insurance companies have expanded coverage to include telehealthcare due to Covid-19, and mental health professionals are making themselves available. You do not have to struggle alone. As the old saying goes, you can not pour from an empty cup. Take care of you.

How are you serving your clients/customers? Sound off below.

P.S. Are you on my email list? Be on the lookout for an email. I am opening my calendar for virtual tea and hosting another coworking session. If you’re not on the list, the easiest way is to join the Genius Lounge. My Facebook group for entrepreneurs.

Until next time, keep building your business, growing your brand, and owning your genius!

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