Keeping Big Brands Off Your Small Business


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Thousands of new businesses open in the U.S each year.

However, many business owners are failing to operate in the right business mindset as it pertains to protecting their brands.

Right now, a Georgia business owner is seeing first-hand why this is important. Emily Golub, the owner of Garnish & Gather, is suing the retail giant Target.

Garnish & Gather is a meal kit preparation and delivery service. Golub claims Target’s trademark for their new food line Good & Gather, infringes on her rights as a small business owner. 

Golub failed to monitor her trademark monitoring now Target’s huge marketing is set to leave her business in the shadows. Especially since Golub rejected Target’s $10,000 for SEO marketing.

The lawsuit battle continues but can situations like this be avoided?


The first step in securing your brand is having the mindset that it’s never too early to start protecting your brand.

Second, it’s important that you not only register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but also invest in monitoring your trademark. 

Registration is the first step in protecting your brand. If you fail to enforce your rights you lose your rights and the investment made to register your trademark. Monitoring your mark is worth every penny.

While monitoring your mark, you will be able to be aware of any infringers who are trying to produce the same or similar mark as. 

It will essentially cost more money in the end if you don’t monitor your mark or file a trademark at all. As a small business owner, you must take pride in your brand if you want it to have long-term growth.

Power is not limited to the big box brands. 

As a small business owner, you have power as well. Don’t get left out in the cold because you have left the door open to an infringer. Start protecting your brand today! 

Launching legally doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. If you’re an existing or aspiring entrepreneur who needs trademark services, take a moment to contact my office for a 15-minute assessment call.

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