Business Plan in 5 Minutes

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The 5 Minute Business Plan Rundown


In 2016 I wrote the 30 Days ‘Til Launch Business Plan Workbook in response to the many request for me to write business plans for other people. That’s a BIG no for me because I am a firm believer that each aspiring business owner needs to write their own plan so the can know their business. At the end of the day that’s all business plan’s are about. You’re not writing for investors, you’re writing for yourself. Besides if you don’t know why your product is needed, alternative sources for your product, how much it cost to deliver your product, how much you need to sell in order to make a profit how in the world are you going to convince anyone to give you money for your business.

Business plans don’t have to be complicated or overwhelming if you know what questions to ask. Today I will give you just that. First thing first, there are 6 areas you must include in your business plan.

Business Plan Rundown

1. Personal Goals

2. Company Profile

3. Opportunity

4. Market Research and Planning

5. Operational Plan

6. Finances

Watch the video below for more.

The biggest challenge people have with business plans is knowing what questions to ask. Let me know in the comments if you found this video helpful. These were just a few examples of what to include in your business plan. If you want to dig all the way into your business. Enroll into Launch Legally’s Structuring Your Business For Success Online Course. In this course I further walk through

  • creating your business plan,
  • you’ll receive a copy of the Business Plan Workbook, 
  • I’ll discuss the different types of business structures and
  • how to create systems in your business that make your life simpler.

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