3 Signs You Need to Schedule a Consultation with an Attorney

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As an attorney, I receive tons of questions.

However, the most frequent question that I hear is, “Attorney Murray, when do I need to schedule a consultation with an attorney?”

This is often asked by new business owners who have limited budgets.

If you’re on the fence about scheduling a consultation with an attorney or you feel as though you can take on all of your legal questions alone, keep reading.

There are 3 signs that you need to pay close attention to that will give you the answer on whether or not, it’s time for you to schedule a consultation.

1. You have a legal question. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick question or a short question. Be mindful that a legal question is a question that requires an interpretation or an analysis of how the law fits in your circumstances. If those questions begin with “Should I….” or “Can I….” then it’s time for you to schedule a consultation. 

2. Spending time searching Google, Facebook groups or other social media platforms for answers.

Yes, Google can be great for everyday searches and social media platforms can be amazing for networking but they are not the pond to swim in when you’re searching for legal advice. Only a licensed attorney will be able to help you in that capacity. We live in a world where everyone wants information fast! This is a big mistake when it comes to legal matters.

3. Searching for a solution that is tailored to your specific circumstances. 

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Your dilemma may not be the same as another business owner. This is why it’s so important that you don’t overthink your situation and compare it with others. Instead, take a few moments to schedule a consultation with an attorney. 

Once you have decided to take the next step to find an attorney who can help you with trademarks, copyrights, and contracts, contact their office to schedule an assessment. Don’t be surprised during the assessment that you are speaking with a non-lawyer person who works with the firm. During the assessment, the firm’s secretary or point of contact for assessments will handle all of your initial questions first.

Why? Because it not only allows an assessment of your needs but it also allows you to get a better feel for how the attorney will be able to help you.

Your assessment is estimated to be a 10 – 15-minute call where you will be asked information about yourself as a business owner, your business, and your circumstances. If you feel that everything is a good fit, then it’s time to move forward in scheduling your consultation.

Right now, you may be thinking, “Why do I have to schedule go through an assessment before scheduling my actual consultation?”

It’s simply to ensure that attorneys make the most of their time.

We handle multiple clients on a day-to-day basis. We can’t break those commitments. We also want to make sure that we are properly prepared to provide a solution that is already tailored for you.

This is where our expertise and education comes into play, making those consultations, not just “any” consultation but a paid consultation. All consultations require time, knowledge, and resources. Essentially it saves you time and money as well.

Don’t wait any longer. You’ve already spent entirely too much time going back and forth in your head about legal questions.

Instead of spending hours searching Google or lurking in Facebook groups, take a few moments to contact my office for a 15-minute assessment. I would love to help you move forward with trademarks, contracts, or copyrights. Click here to book your assessment today!

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