Episode 12:New Edition Members Battle Over Right To Name

If you follow our Facebook business page for a while you might remember a few months ago I told ya’ll that Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant of New Edition filed for and received a federal trademark for the group’s stage name. For those of you who missed it here’s the gist of the conversation.

Well in May Ronnie, Ricky, Bobby, and Mike filed to cancel the trademark. Cancellation occurs after the trademark application has been approved for registration. Although trademarks are published to the public prior to final approval, many business owners miss the opportunity to object to the registering of a competing mark because they aren’t monitoring their trademarks.

Top Three Takeaways
1. If you are a business owner your trademark is an asset that is owned by the business.
2. If you lie on your application it will be void. If your application is void it is like it was never filed.
3. Monitor your mark to stay on top of the registration of conflicting marks. It is easier to defend your mark if the conflicting mark is less than 5yrs.

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