Episode 10: Gee’s Bend: A Story Of Poverty, Ignorance, Fame, And Copyrights

We’re talking copyrights and today’s story comes from my own backyard. Boykin, AL which is located in Wilcox County only about 2 hours from Montgomery and known to most people as Gee’s Bends.

Gee’s Bend has a population of under 700. The town became known for the unique quilts made by members of its community. These quilts were created out of necessity, not art. Despite this fact, the quilts caught the attention art collector William Arnett after he spotted them in a Civil Rights era photography book.

Arnett bought several quilts and began showing them around the country. The quilts became so popular that the patterns began showing up commercially. Leaving a few quilters scratching their heads.

Today’s top three takeaways

1. Copyrights do not protect useful articles.
2. Derivatives are work that is created from a preexisting work
3. The first sale doctrine is an exception to copyright law which grants the buyer of copyright-protected work the authority to resell, display, or otherwise dispose of that particular work.

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