Episode 07: Soulja Boy Cannot Copyright His “Superman” Dance

Although free to use, Fornite charges users for everything else in the game including popular dance moves. They call the dance by other names however the majority of people know the origin comes from. Artist and others are calling out Fornite for not giving the artist compensation or credit. One Twitter user asked the twitter world why Soulja’s boy dance “Superman” hadn’t been jacked.

Ask and you shall receive an answer even if the answer isn’t correct.
Soulja Boy answered, claimed Fornite couldn’t touch his dance move because it’s copyrighted and Fornite would have to cut him a check to use it. His response has people everywhere shooked. Can you copyright dance moves?

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Top 3 Takeaways
• Copyrights protect choreography
• Individual dance steps, health moves such as aerobic dances and yoga poses are not protected
• The artist may have a claim under right of publicity

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